Budapest – Derek Hall; Nicholas Bevan


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Budapest – Pocket Map & Guide 

Derek Hall; Nicholas Bevan

DK Eyewitness Pocket Map & Guide Budapest will lead you straight to the best of Budapest. It’s packed with beautiful illustrations and coverage of all the major areas and sights from museums to parks and markets. There’s comprehensive area-by-area information and referencing, plus recommendations for the best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, galleries and other cultural attractions. You won’t miss a thing on your trip as this handy travel guide includes an ingenious and easy-to-use fold-out map, ensuring you’ll never get lost when exploring the sights. The DK Eyewitness Pocket Map & Guide Budapest is your essential guide and serves as a perfect companion to the Eyewitness travel guide.

Plan your perfect day out in Budapest with DK Eyewitness Pocket Map & Guide

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Boritó: leporelló
ISBN: 9781409369486
Kiadás éve: 2016

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